Christmas or Glitzmas?

This Christmas is all about the Glitter. Lips, eyes, hair, and even beards are all going to be covered in glitter. Its the best way to spice up your family photo.  Look for the new ideas on this trend

Maybelline has released new ideas and lines to help support everyone’s glitter niche.  They share ideas from the little shine for your every day look to the perfect pop for NYE.  They share the perfect look for every occasion and each product you will need to complete the shinning look.

There is the perfect glitter look for you.  There are no rules just embrace the sparkle. Who knew glitter would look so good under eyebrows?

What company has your favorite glitter? Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Sephora, Urban Decay, even Amazon?

Roots aren’t a thing in the past, just add some glitter. You can choose a lot, or a little, just choose glitter

Your favorite looks will go great with any kind of glitter.  Go to your favorite make up store and try out a new look today.



Do you say “I Do” to these trends?

Are you ready to run down the isle? Here are the top trends to help you win the race.

Spring of 2017 wedding season is in full swing! These dresses will be running the isle.  A twist of traditional dresses meets a whole new wow factor this season.  Dresses still have long sleeves and trains but bare skin and color.

Not a traditional bride? These trends are perfect for you. Capes are a great substitute for veils, a pop of color could be what you need, or just a little extra skin, your non traditional style is covered this season.


If these styles are not bold enough for you, these most daring dresses are superb for you wedding inspiration.

If these dresses are still too traditional for you, there’s more. So for the most nontraditional bride, there’s a trend for that! The Non-Wedding look is here to give you the most excellent dress for all of your wedding-related occasions.


Click here to explore more of the 2017 wedding dress trends.

Road to the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Runway

The first Victoria’s Secret fashion show that was aired on television was in 2001. It is now 2016 and the show is bigger than ever.  The show consists of 50 hand selected models that go through months of preparation.  2014 had the biggest audience with 9.1 million viewers, the 2016 show is predicted to beat this number.

With the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show just under two weeks away, line ups are coming out, artists are finalizing everything and models are getting their wings and last minute work out in these final weeks.  The Victoria’s Secret Paris Fashion Show 2016 will take place Monday, December 5 10/9C on CBS.

Now that the cast is selected it is crunch time for the models.  Weekly workouts for the Angels can be found on Facebook Live and links on Twitter.  Elsa, a (Victoria’s Secret) model, states, “When I step on that runway, I want to know I did everything I possibly could to earn my place in the Fashion Show.”

The Angels are not the only ones with pressure. The designers who make the runways a reality need to make one-of-a-kind creations.  The wings MUST be perfect!  Multiple weeks an hours are put into each individual outfit and custom to each girl.

The models are ready for the show, are you? Tune in December 5th. For more information on this years show and the individual models click here.