New Years Resoultion 2017: A Better You and a Greener Planet-JouleBug

Are looking for ways to start the New Year off right? Trying a healthier lifestyle? Maybe being more financially conscientious? How about just being a better person? Every year this time rolls around and we focus on creating habits that overall will make us a better person. But have you ever considered a New Year’s resolution that won’t only make you better but the world a better place as well?

Now there is an app called JouleBug that rolls out all of these goals into one. You can live a healthier lifestyle, save money, and be a better a person by sustaining our Earth!

JouleBug is a free app created for all mobile device users. It promotes and encourages environmental habits every day by using a competitive edge and rewarding points and badges for each sustainable action you do. An example of how to earn points would be if you bike to work that day you will receive 10 points, if you use a reusable water bottle you can earn up to 6 points.

You can also use it to compete with friends and family and connect with groups of people in your area striving for the same goals.  Sometimes you can even use your points to win cool prizes when participating in group challenges put on by certain organizations.

Another cool feature about this app is how informative it is and providing the knowledge of how each of your sustainable actions reap the yearly benefits. For example, by using a reusable shopping bag for a whole year, you save 6lbs of plastic, 518 plastic bags, and 5 kg of CO2. You can also connect your utility bills to JouleBug, providing you an insight on how effective certain actions decrease your overall bills. This app uses analytics and graphs to help provide you with the proof that you really are saving. On average JouleBug saves $200 a person every year.

Overall JouleBug is an awesome app that will help remind and encourage you to stay on track with your environmental thought process while truly making a difference for our planet. So when you begin to think about New Year’s resolutions, remember that JouleBug can provide you with a plan to succeed and make a better you AND a greener planet for 2017!



Greener Christmas Choice: Wrapping Paper or Knot-Wraps?


Looking for a way to be sustainable and trendy at the same time this Holiday season?

Over a million tons of waste every year is accumulated from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, increasing a total of 25% over the holidays. This year LUSH prides themselves in their next step of making the greener difference during the holidays by partnering up with Re-Wrap Women’s Cooperative and selling reusable wrapping paper called, “Knot-Wraps!”

If you are not familiar with LUSH they are a company that makes homemade cosmetics from organic fruits, vegetables, oils and synthetics. They are firm believers in not testing their products on animals and continue to strive being one of the cleanest, most sustainable, and original cosmetic companies in the world.

With this said, LUSH has introduced a new reusable wrapping paper to their stores called, “Knot-Wraps,” which is basically fabric, that’s original form was created to wrap gifts. LUSH says “Knot-Wraps are made from either organic cotton or two recycled plastic bottles, and the best part is, they can be reused over and over again.” knotwrap_inlineThey even released an article about 5 ways you could reuse your Knot-Wrap including; Wrapping another gift in it, wearing it as fashion statement like a cozy scarf or trendy headband, using it as a tea towel, or you could even watch a short tutorial video of how to make it into a drawstring bag. 

Knot-Wraps also provide fair-wage jobs for disadvantaged woman in India giving them new skills like how to sew, while allowing them to provide food and a home for their family.wd_inline2

It’s not too late! If you haven’t had the chance to wrap up those Christmas gifts yet, now is your chance to make a greener choice this holiday as LUSH continues to surpass any expectations for a more sustainable business!


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Make Your Christmas Greener…And Chop Down a Tree!!!

To all local tree farmers- Looking for a way to promote your Sapling farms this year? SAVE THE EARTH AND CUT DOWN A CHRISTMAS TREE!!! Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet? If not, now is your chance to make your holidays greener! Over the years, many people have argued that cutting down Christmas trees is bad for the environment. Come to find out, this is one of the better things you can to do for our Earth and your community!fadfaf 

As we all know a real Christmas tree is produced by sunlight, rainfall, and plentiful soil. They also provide a home for mammals and birds for the time being. These trees are biodegradable and can be recycled into other purposeful materials. For example, one community recycles their trees after the Holidays and donate their wood chips to help build local parks. While another community takes their trees to make wooden toys and donate them to children that are less fortunate. This is one of the many ways Christmas trees can be recycled.

These trees are also renewable, they say for every one harvested, a farmer plants 1 to 3 of its seedlings. These Saplings also help preserve the green space. They are typically planted in areas where crops and other plants cannot live because the soil can’t support them. According to an acre of Christmas trees can consume 12,000 lbs. of CO2 and each acre is equivalent to 18 people’s daily intake of oxygen! Not only do these trees help our well-being but also provide stable jobs for over a 100,000 Americans yearly.
Artificial Trees usually come from Asia or China and they pay a migrant worker on average a $100 a month to do this. Also Because they are produced in another country, they use a large amount of fossil fuels to transport them here to the U.S. An artificial tree is often made up of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and lead. These materials as we all know are not biodegradable and are bad for the environment. Over the years PVC has been proven to produce carcinogens such as dioxin, ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride all linked back to causing cancer.

Last but not least, going to a tree farm to cut down your own Christmas tree leaves many families with some of their best memories. Coming together, singing Christmas songs, drinking hot coco, all bundled up in your mittens and scarfs ready to saw down your favorite tree! These things certainly make this experience one we will never want to forget! 

So, if you haven’t put up your holiday tree yet, now is your chance. Put on your winter boots and drive to your nearest Sapling farm and make the greener choice this holiday!

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