Tesla Partners with SolarCity to Supply Cost-Efficient Solar Panel Roof

New technology for clean energy has been on the rise in recent years but deemed too expensive to implement, until now. Tesla and SolarCity’s new solar roof is said to cost less than ordinary roofs when cost savings in utilities are factored in.

Available in four different styles, Tesla’s solar roof is meant to generate electricity during the day that can be used at night. Simple right?


That’s not the only benefit; this roof is said to:

  1. Look better
  2. Last longer
  3. Have better insulation
  4. Cost less (when combined with energy savings)

Tesla has made bold statements about what their new roof can offer to customers. In a recent presentation by CEO Elon Musk, co-founder and product architect of Tesla Motors, educated viewers on the promising technology that Musk said could soon even make the installation and purchase price less expensive than a regular roof.

So the basic proposition would be ‘Would you like a roof that looks better than a normal roof, last twice as long, cost less and by the way generates electricity’ why would you get anything else.

Musk suggests that this new roof will disintegrate any incentives to invest in standard shingles. This is a bold statement to make before there is a 100% guarantee Tesla and SolarCity have the capabilities. The clean energy community wants this to happen, but if Tesla’s accusations of cheaper initial purchase prices are not fulfilled, their reputation will suffer.

He stated in the presentation that the main “purpose (of Tesla) was to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy,” not just provide an energy-efficient car.  The company’s partnership with SolarCity was approved quickly by company members and introduces a plethora of new opportunities for both companies, this roof being a major one.  For Tesla car customers, there could not be a better incentive to go fully clean energy than buying the new Solar Roof and Powerwall 2.

The main vehicle for insight on the new roof is Elon Musk’s previously linked informational presentation, a strong visual for informing people on the new technology.  This video not only showcases the product, opportunities and benefits of Tesla’s roof but also their company as a whole, which was a smart move on Tesla’s end.  It exhibits their overall dedication to sustainability and gives extra publicity to their electronic cars.

This video also informs viewers about their new Powerwall 2 and their Powerpack.  Both (although only one is needed) are converters and housers for the energy created via the solar roof and are important components of their roof sustainability initiative.  The Powerpack is used more for businesses and commercial solar energy storage and use.


The choice for Tesla to partner with SolarCity was a smart PR and environmental move.  This partnership shows their commitment to take necessary steps in order to improve their technology and efforts and provide them with the information to hopefully supply real-life inexpensive solar options to consumers.

This partnership and environmental initiative was a smart step to take in Tesla’s business but an even bigger step taken by the clean energy community.








Tesla’s solar roof to cost less than a regular roof – even before energy production, says Elon Musk




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