Formula E Gets Solar Energy Uplift

Formula E racing is getting quite the shift in gears as world renowned environmentalist Bertrand Piccard puts his two sense into the sport.

Piccard is well known for his two record breaking solar powered trips around the world. One being aboard a hot air ballon and the other in a solar powered aircraft named Solar Impulse 2. Piccard stated that Formula E is for car racing, what Solar Impulse is for aviation.

Solar Impulse 2.jpg

His most recent world record was the 23 day trip around the world aboard the Solar Impulse. The Solar Impulse is an aircraft that has a wing span wider than a Boeing 747, has 4 batteries, and 17,000 solar cells.”It feels like science fiction,” stated Piccard, “you have no noise, no pollution, no fuel and you know you can fly forever” as he described his experience during the 23 day flight around the world.

After this astonishing feat, Piccard turned to the ground as he channelled his focus towards renewable energy within the auto racing industry. Piccard praised Formula E for leading the charge in making a more eco friendly car as a core part of the sport. This shift in engine style is perfectly timed as we see a more green friendly initiative that is spreading through society. Like any other sport, one must adapt to the changing times to stay relevant or else its popularity will slowly fade away. The move to team up with a well accomplished environmentalist like Piccard is an excellent move for the auto-racing industry.

“It’s the wonders and miracles that clean technology can achieve.”

“It’s a new laboratory showing how clean technology can be sexy. It’s not anymore about something that is boring and expensive, it’s something that really attacks the awareness of people”, speaking of solar powered machines. As indicated by Piccard, the popularity of eco-friendly machines is growing making the shift from a gas guzzling, high pollution race car more practical. The smell of burning rubber and taste of exhaust filled air from the traditional race car will never be fully replaced by all electric cars, but that doesn’t mean more eco-friendly cars can’t be just as exciting.

Formula E teaming up with Piccard can only prove to be beneficial to the sport. Having the support from such an accomplished aviator and environmentalist will help propel Formula E and the sport of auto-racing further into the future.

“This is the future of car racing. People are starting to get fed up now of cars that make so much noise, so much pollution. You have to go into the future, not into the past” stated Piccard during a CNN interview.




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