Grand Rapid Continues to Strengthen its Brand with the Medical Mile

Grand Rapids, Michigan has become a source for world class healthcare.  There has been over two billion dollars’ worth of medical-related development situated in the Hillside District. Located on Michigan Street this development has transformed aging homes and other buildings into a major hub of medical research, education and medical services. This is yet another renovation of the city. This growth has created an additional 14,500 jobs along with a prosperous medical community. This has helped the economics of the city which has seen a declining manufacturing base of employment. The Medical Mile is home to the Van Andel Institute, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine,  Meijer Heart Center, and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital just to name a few.

Medical Mile seen from across the Grand River: Photo taken from

The Medical Mile is a great example how very successful entrepreneurs have given back to the community in a generous and compassionate way. One example of this generosity is the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. This is a pediatric hospital that is a division of Spectrum Health. It is named for Helen DeVos, wife of Amway founder Richard DeVos, a major donor. Fred and Lena Meijer showed their dedication to the community by being a major contributor along with inspiring other people to donate to the Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center. These partnerships are important in aiding the health care brand and the future growth of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In the way of employment opportunities the Medical Mile Resource Group stated this: “The Medical Mile will create thousands of jobs for those in the medical field; however, the increase in research and medical facilities will also generate demand for more non-medical staff, more bus drivers, more banks, businesses, coffee shops and housing. In short, the growth within the Medical Mile will stimulate the Grand Rapids economy as a whole, not just the medical sector”.

This large medical development has expanded to other areas of the city. With the enormous amount of traffic in the area new entrepreneurs are taking notice. They continue to capitalize on opportunities outside the medical profession by providing new goods and services. These new investments provide employment prospects and a tax base separate to the medical and research professions. This builds economic value for Grand Rapids and surrounding communities.

Public-private partnerships have played a major role in the resurgent of the city. Grand Rapids like other mid-sized manufacturing cities have suffered financially by the departure of manufacturing. These public-private partnerships have and will continue to generate solutions for the continued growth of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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