Fan helps out the Walletless Will Smith

Will Smith was driving home this pass weekend when he realized that he was driving on fumes. He quickly pulled over to the nearest gas station to fill up his tank.

Smith fumbled through his pockets for a minute until he gave up and accepted that he had left his wallet at home. There the star was, stuck without gas 30 minutes away from home and without money.

The accomplished actor didn’t want to make his wife drive that far to pick him up so he turned to his fans for help. Smith picked a man with the hope he was a Fresh Prince fan and the stranger immediately asked for a picture and happily gave Will the money he needed. Smith offered to repay the man later but the fan refused to accept repayment.

Smith was recorded on Jimmy Kimmel Live with his statement.


This is a good for Will Smiths name recognition because he has been off the radar recently and this brings his fans back into the swing of things. Smith could capitalize on an opportunity to donate money to the charity of the kind fans choice.


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