Do you say “I Do” to these trends?

Are you ready to run down the isle? Here are the top trends to help you win the race.

Spring of 2017 wedding season is in full swing! These dresses will be running the isle.  A twist of traditional dresses meets a whole new wow factor this season.  Dresses still have long sleeves and trains but bare skin and color.

Not a traditional bride? These trends are perfect for you. Capes are a great substitute for veils, a pop of color could be what you need, or just a little extra skin, your non traditional style is covered this season.


If these styles are not bold enough for you, these most daring dresses are superb for you wedding inspiration.

If these dresses are still too traditional for you, there’s more. So for the most nontraditional bride, there’s a trend for that! The Non-Wedding look is here to give you the most excellent dress for all of your wedding-related occasions.


Click here to explore more of the 2017 wedding dress trends.


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