Stella McCartney – Fashion Industry getting away with Murder

stella-mccartney-cashmereStella McCartney is a well-known English fashion designer. She is one of the most vocal designer in the industry when it comes to animals rights, animal cruelty and sustainable fashion. McCartney refuses to use leather, fur or animal skin in her collections. With this, her fashion line is fully vegetarian.

From THR article, McCartney stated: “Fashion really is getting away with murder. There needs to be more systems in place, more vigorous testing, and as a customer you can do that, you can challenge the people who are making your fashion.”

McCartney has always challenged herself to find ways to operate her business in the most sustainable way. To date her womenswear collection is 53% sustainable and the menswear is 45%. A few examples of resources she uses  are organic cotton, regenerated cashmere, vegan leather and recycled soles on the footwear.

According from a Forbes article, 10% of global carbon emissions each year is fashion and textiles. Which is a quarter of all chemicals produced worldwide.  Kering brands such as, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent and many more are causing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, water pollution, water consumption, waste and changes in the ecosystems.stella

As Stella is a well-known fashion designer and is apart of  Kering, she is pushing Kering to force the other fashion companies within [Kering] to become more sustainable.

“I don’t support that, but [Kering] supports me and my beliefs, and I’m a firm believer in infiltrating from within,”. Stella McCartney stated in the Forbes article.

The main focus in Stella McCartney’s line is creating ideas that people will buy no matter how sustainable it is. Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief sustainability officer stated, “It needs to be both beautiful and ethical.”, from the Forbes article.

“We’ve forgotten we make the choices. When you’re consuming, ask questions… With fashion, look at the product and its price point. Look at its environment too – see if there are 700 others on the rail, or three on the rail. Look at how it’s made to understand what’s in it. Think of it like a recipe list, as you do with food,”,  McCartney stated in Forbes article.

Recently McCartney has a new program that is addressing deforestation. She has a partnership with NGO Canopy Planet, which now sources its viscose from sustainable certified forests in Sweden. Watch video below!

VIDEO CLIP–Deforestation:a story of sustainable viscose: Stella McCartney 

“Fashion is literally getting away with murder and it needs to be answerable – there needs to be more systems in place, but as a consumer you can push it by challenging the people in charge,”, McCartney stated in Forbes article.

Over the years our World has been focusing on becoming more sustainable and Stella McCartney is making big leaps with her business. And not only is she just focusing on her business, but other businesses [Kering] as well.




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