Detroit Lions, Another Nail Biting Finish


Yet again, the Detroit Lions pull off another breath taking win over the Minnesota Vikings during Sunday’s game. The Lions managed to outscore the Vikings with a 22-16 win in overtime.


The Detroit Lions have developed quite the reputation for having nail biting finishes during play. Much of this is owed to their quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Stafford has proved time and time again that he has got what it takes to perform when the pressure is on. Stafford now has 24 game-winning drives in the forth quarter or overtime, 16 of them coming in the final two minutes of games.

When the pressure is on, a veteran quarterback who can overcome the pressure of dwindling time and the roar of the crowd is exactly the person you want at the head of your operation. Lucky for the Lions, Matthew Stafford is that person.

The Detroit Lions are 5-4 on the season, much of that can be attributed to their quarterback, Stafford who knows how to remain calm and get the job done.

During Sunday’s game, with 2 seconds left, Detroit kicker Matt Prater nails a 58-yard field goal to tie the Vikings, taking it to overtime. nfl_a_prater_kh_600x400.jpg

Stafford then connects with Golden Tate who sneaks past two defenders, and prances down the field and flips into the end zone, ending the game.  The Detroit Lions continue to gain momentum as they move into the remainder of their season. The Lions have a bye during week 10 but will continue action against the Jacksonville Jaquars on November 20th.


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