Patagonia Making Big Step to Keep Our Earth Clean

Patagonia was founded in 1973 by Yvon Chounard, his goal was to sell the most reliable and sustainable outdoor clothing. Chounard has accomplished his goal over the years which made a name for his company as the most dependable outdoor, cold-weather clothing. The company has been using resources from landfills since 1993. During 1993 they made their first recycled plastic bottle fleece sweater.


“We are constantly looking at opportunities to use recycled fabrics, if they make sense to what we are trying to achieve. You can’t do everything with recycling, but you can keep trying things out to do more with them and make them stronger and more versatile.” said Miles Johnson, Creative Director of Patagonia, in a Business Insider article.

As winter is right around the corner, Patagonia has launched a new and improved sustainable clothing line; the new line is called re\\\collection. The new clothes are still 100% recycled down, 100% recycled wool and polyester, 85% recycled polyester labels, 80% recycled zippers and 50% recycled buttons.

Women's Recycled Down Hooded CoatRecycled Down Shirt Jacket

The collection includes a total of ten different styles for both men and women that are the classic Patagonia look. Re\\\collection is one of the only outdoor clothing lines that has incorporated old, used materials to make new and improved products.

“We have to work harder to make these things happen.”…”Having an idea of how to do things better and make long-lasting, durable clothing is just a small part of it.”, Johnson stated, from the Business Insider article.

This new innovated line is going to catch the eye of eco-friendly, sustainable customers. Patagonia continues to make strides towards the most sustainable, reliable clothing line. The re\\\collection is the most environmental friendly line yet.



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