ArtPrize Eight brings Appeal to Grand Rapids, Michigan


 ArtPrize is a non-profit art competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan that is open to anyone over the age of eighteen. This event lasts nineteen days, starting September 21st and concluding on October 9th. ArtPrize is a multicultural affair that brings artists from different parts of the world, with various ages and backgrounds.  ArtPrize is a public art experience with over fourteen hundred participants scattered through one hundred and seventy one diverse venues contained in three square miles located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is two hundred thousand dollars in grand prize money along with another fifty thousand dollars divided into four categories consisting of 2-D, 3-D, Timed Based, and Installation that is decided by a public vote.  The same amount of prize money in the same categories is determined by a juried vote, providing awards in the amount of five hundred thousand dollars.

Public Vote Juried
$200,000 Grand Prize $200,000 Grand Prize
$12,500 2-D $12,500 2-D
$12,500 3-D $12,500 3-D
$12,500 Time Based $12,500 Time Based
$12,500 Installation $12,500 Installation
$250,000 Total $250,000 Total
$500,000 Total Prize Money

First prize winner: Courtesy

 Now in its eighth year, the 19 day event will draw around four hundred thousand people from around the globe to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  ArtPrize is a free public art happening that allows attendees to vote on the various forms of art that they like the best. This learning experience allows people who may not be an authority in art to give their opinion on what pieces stood out to them. Prize money is decided by a popular vote as well as a group of art experts.

New to ArtPrize this year is the rule that past grand prize winners will no longer be eligible to compete in future ArtPrize competition.  Another change this year is ArtPrize organizers are only allowing two entries per venue to advance to the final voting round in the hopes of leveling the playing field for venues with less foot traffic.

The length of the event and the time of the year are an advantage to visitors to ArtPrize. They will be able to enjoy the weather and the urban atmosphere of the second largest city in Michigan. Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a lot to offer in the form of entertainment, food, and lodging.  This major draw to the city will result in additional revenue for the businesses in the metro area along with surrounding communities. The artists will be complemented by another creative process called craft beer. Not only is the city well-known for ArtPrize but it also has a great reputation for microbreweries. In 2013 Grand Rapids was given the title Beer City USA. ArtPrize gives the micro brewing companies a chance to expand their offerings and market size. When ArtPrize visitors find a taste they enjoy they will be more enticed to buy it off the shelf at their local grocery store. This event provides customer traffic for the local commerce. ArtPrize provides value to the city, sponsors, and establishments by increasing proceeds and creating awareness of goods and services available.

The New York Times ranked Grand Rapids at number twenty of fifty-two for places to go in 2016, citing ArtPrize, Frederik Meijer Gardens, along with other attractions of the city.  ArtPrize is not just an art show but an art competition with a festival ambiance. This experience continues to advance the economics for everyone involved. More visitors equal more cash flow allowing for further investments which helps everyone in the district.


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