5 Ways Google is Advertising for Fashion Week

Fashion Week is the pinnacle of what style is going to be. During this week designers display their collections for the buyers and the media. Currently, New York Fashion Week is being held. It began on September 8th and is set to end on the 15th. During this week, Google is trying something new. They are adjusting their home page to give their viewers up to the minute information on what is happening at the event. For a deeper analysis on what they are doing click here. These advertising methods that Google is using are not only beneficial to the company, but allows designers to share their collections with a larger audience. To even begin to see links that Google typically generates, you have to first see the following:

  1. The first object that appears when you Google Fashion Week are live photos from the event. This feature allows the view to see what was recently shown by a designer. Once the picture is clicked, you can scroll through a variety of pictures illustrating what the designer has most recently shown. Having this information enables the viewer to look at the most recent events of Fashion Week which allows for up to the minute updates on the show. This information is also encouraged to be shared through the various social media networks.

    Google’s Live Photos of Fashion Week. Courtesy of Google
  2. Next is the top stories that come from Fashion Week. This feature is typical of most Google searches, but it does allow for constant and up to date information on the event.
  3. Scroll down a little and the designers from Fashion Week are shown. Here you can see what individual designers post throughout the week. This allows for the audience to receive a backstage look at what is happening with your favorite designers. Also, similar to the live photos, this information is encouraged to be shared.
  4. The next aspect is Shop Fashion Week trends which, in my opinion, is the most strategic part of Google’s site. It allows for individuals to shop for what they are seeing on the runway if it is currently available. If someone just wanted more information on the topic of Fashion Week, they would have to scroll past these pictures. Even as I was doing my research, I clicked multiple of these pictures because I thought the clothes were cute.

    Example of the Designers and Fashion Week Trends. Courtesy of Google
  5. The final feature that you will see is a schedule of all the events that are happening at Fashion Week. This is just another way people can stay up to date with what is happening.

Will these features begin to be the future whenever there is a major event happening? It is an interesting concept and helps keep the audience up to date on everything that is happening. I applaud Google on this format for trying something new and help reach a larger audience for Fashion Week.



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